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Classic Electric Cars

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Classic Cars Electric Conversions

Get in touch for a free quote on converting your classic car to electric drive. Contact us to find out more.


Retroelectric Beetle.

Our all-new electric Volkswagen Beetle. Reborn with a powerful, zero emission, electric drive train. Our Retroelectric Beetle is ready to drive away with a standout specification.


Or if you want to truly make it your own, we can also tailor-make your dream electric vehicle. 

“I chose Retroelectric after some research. The Fiat was imported from Italy and needed a lot of work, including sourcing missing parts. Retroelectrics did it all. They were well organised, did all the paperwork and the quality is exceptional"


Bibo Voute

Owner of an electric Fiat 1500S

Classic Electric Cars

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We have a simple concept at Retroelectric. Take what is truly great about classic cars and improve upon the parts that aren’t. We’ve kept the iconic good looks, laugh-out-loud driving characteristics and 1960’s design flair. We’ve also improved the engine performance (now all-electric), braking and handling. The result is a fusion of modern and heritage.


We offer beautiful, iconic cars of the 1960s and 1970s reborn with clean electric engines, luxurious interiors and choice upgrades.


Iconic Design, Electric Performance

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