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We have a simple concept at Retroelectric. Take what is truly great about classic cars and improve upon the parts that aren’t. We’ve kept the quintessential good looks, laugh-out-loud driving characteristics and timeless designs. While up-rating the engine performance (now all-electric), braking and handling. The result is a triumph of modern and heritage.


We convert beautiful, iconic cars of the 1960s and 1970s reborn with clean electric engines, luxurious interiors and choice upgrades.

The story behind Retroelectric

Our whole team love classic motoring and classic cars. Between us, we own a diverse range of classics - Jaguars, Beetles, Fiats, Volvos and classic motorbikes.   


From electrical engineering to fabrication, we come from a host of different backgrounds. Our shared passion for classic cars and embracing electric vehicles is what’s brought us all together. Sharing that common interest pushed us to start the company back in 2019 - and the rest as they say is history.  


What motivates us  


From the beginning, the challenge we set ourselves was to keep the great parts of classic motoring but bring in modern technology to enhance the performance. 


Can you keep the feeling of nostalgia and the iconic looks, but have an effortless, reliable and greener driving experience? That question and the challenge in delivering this is what motivates us to convert classic cars into EV.  


We love the interaction with a customer – from finding out about the backstory of each vehicle, to taking the time to understand their requirements. Whether that’s to make it a Concours winning example or to simply make it start reliably when the sun finally comes out. 


We’re a small team, so every member gets involved in each build and we get to share the satisfaction of bringing an initial concept to life. 

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