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Porsche 911

Electric Conversion

The Porsche 911 was first unveiled at the 1963 Frankfurt International Motor Show, but few people would have predicted its enduring legacy on motoring. Upon its release it was named the 901, but today it is known under its more familiar title, the 911. 


It is that rarest of things, a true sportscar that can be used every day. The Porsche is an exquisite car to drive – a true icon. 


Our EV design had to keep the performance, the practicality and ensure it looks like it did when it left the factory. A challenge, but one that we delivered on, in spades. 


Battery range

This Porsche has a 46 kWh battery pack. That delivers a driving range around 150 miles.


The battery pack is split into two, so the weight can be distributed optimally around the vehicle. We kept the same weight distribution as  original.

Discreet charge port

This car comes with a 7 kW on board charger to quickly recharge.


CCS fast charging is also an option on this build - delivering charge speeds of up to 70 kW.


Interior details

This car kept a timeless black leather interior. We rebuilt the gauges to show power, battery range and battery and motor temperature.

We also retained the original gearstick, to enable forward, neutral and reverse driving modes.

A modern Blaupunkt radio finishes of the look of the cabin nicely. Understated and perfectly designed.


•    160 kW motor options
•    46 kWh battery pack 
•    Battery Management System
•    7kW on board charger 

•    Type 2 charge port behind the fuel cap


Electric Porsche 911

200 bhp

Range 150 miles

7 kW charger

46 kWh battery capacity

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