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Mercedes 230SL 
Electric Conversion

The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1963 and immediately caused a sensation. Designed by  Paul Braque, the removable roof it is named after was an iconic and enduring feature of the car. 

The two-seater Roadster is a truly stunning car and was the pinnacle of 1960s style, comfort, and quality.


As such, this conversion needed to retain the iconic looks but add reliability, easy going drivability - all while retaining the build quality and craftmanship of the German original.


Battery range

For the 230 SL we needed to get 120 miles of range, making it a very usable car around town or even further afield.


We built a 26.5 kWh battery pack in a custom front-mounted battery enclosure. Finished with a variety of premium materials.

Discreet charge port

We wanted to keep the original look so fabricated an aluminium cap to the charge port.

This mirrors the look and feel of the Mercedes fuel filler cap, but fits neatly over the Type 2 chage port.

This car comes with a 7 kW on board charger to quickly recharge,


Interior and upholstery

As always the interior is completely customisable and no detail was too small. The leather was a premium hide used by Bentley and all chrome and brightwork refurbished.


Original features were retained or subtly modified to make them usable in an Electric Vehicle. The original Becker radio was rebuilt to connect via Bluetooth and the gauges were modified to display kW instead of RPM.


•    88 kW motor options
•    26.5 kWh battery pack 
•    Battery Management System
•    6.6 kW on board charger 

•    Type 2 charge port behind the fuel cap


Electric Mercedes 230SL

120 bhp

Range 120 miles

6.6 kW charger

26.5 kWh battery capacity

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