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Recent Projects

Some of the recent cars we have converted into Electric Vehicles.


Click to find out more about each vehicle.



Electric VW Beetle

The classic VW beetle has been re-imagined with the help of modern technology.


Our electric beetle conversion combines the iconic design that has been loved for generations with the electric power of future. 

Electric Fiat 500

An electric classic Fiat 500 epitomises Italian life - Sun, Brio and the Dolche Vita. Nothing says good times like an electric Fiat 500.

We have created a unique classic Fiat 500 electric conversion service for this truly brilliant little car.


Electric Land Rover

The Land Rover is  an iconic car and a British institution. We are a huge fan of Solihull’s finest.


Retroelectric bring the original Land Rover Defender and Series Land Rovers into the twenty first century.

Electric VW Camper

From flower power, surf culture or just a need to explore - the original VW camper is simply the best.


We can restore, customise and electrify your classic camper, so you can have many more (environmentally friendly) adventures to come!

We can convert both split Screen or Bay Window campers.


Electric Porsche 356

First produced in 1948, the legendary Porsche 356 captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide and established Porsche as a force to be reckoned with. 


​For this conversion we wanted to keep the look and sporting feel of the original, while giving it a an electric powertrain worthy of such a legendary car. 

Electric Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda

The Mercedes-Benz Pagoda was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1963 and immediately caused a sensation. Designed by  Paul Braque, the removable roof it is named after was an iconic and enduring feature of the car. 

This conversion needed to retain the iconic looks but add reliability, easy going drivability - all while retaining the build quality and craftmanship of the German original.​



Electric Porsche 911 T

The Porsche 911 was first unveiled at the 1963 Frankfurt International Motor Show, but few people would have predicted its enduring legacy on motoring. Upon its release it was named the 901, but today it is known under its more familiar title, the 911. 


It is that rarest of things, a true sportscar that can be used every day. The Porsche is an exquisite car to drive – a true icon. 

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