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Classic Car Electric Conversions

We specialise in electric conversions of classic cars.


No matter what classic car you have, our team of experts will happily answer any questions and provide a free quotation.


Get in contact to discuss how we can bring your electric classic car vision to life. 



What We Offer.

Every classic car electric conversion is different, due to the huge variety of classic vehicles on the market. While individual cars may differ, our robust engineering and design systems ensure we deliver an unparalleled EV solution.

We can convert almost any classic car and can help you source your perfect vehicle, even if you don't have a car to convert right now.

1. Consultation and Design

When converting classic cars to electric, we work closely with you to understand your electric conversion requirements. Enabling us to complete a desktop study and preliminary design.


We then provide you a clear proposal outlining the design, vehicle specification and time frame for the conversion.

2. EV Conversion

Our IMI qualified technicians install the latest generation electric motors and supporting equipment.


During the electric conversion, we keep you informed every step of the way. Sending you photo updates and a written progress report each week.

3. Onward Support

On delivery, our expert team will talk you through all aspects of your newly converted electric classic car. That includes driving it with you and explaining all its new functions.


We offer an electric check-up free of charge in the first six months. We can also offer an annual check-up every year. 

Sourcing vehicles

Not everyone has a vehicle ready to convert to electric and we are very happy to assist in sourcing vehicles for our customers.


Let us assist you in finding the perfect classic car for your EV conversion.

Vintage Car

Restoration and improvements

Before a classic car electric conversion, its important to ensure you vehicle is in great condition before adding a powerful electric motor.


We have a team of talented team of motor technicians and restoration professionals and can handle jobs of any size.


Should you want to look at improving road handling or other performance attributes we can work with you to do this in parallel to the conversion.


Retroelectric Limited

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  • What about insurance?
    This isn’t a problem; most of the classic car insurance brokers will be able to offer this. We can provide recommendations too; give us a call to find out more.
  • Do I have to pay congestion charges?
    No, electric cars are exempt from paying congestion charges, making them ideally suited to city driving.
  • Do you need to service an electric classic car?
    A converted electric vehicle has much less to go wrong that a conventional internal combustion engine. Much less again than a classic car of the same age. This means apart from an initial check to make sure the EV system is configured correctly after purchase, an annual check-up is all that is required. We also recommend that you get your car MOT’d every year to ensure the conventional vehicle parts are working correctly.
  • Do electric cars pay road tax?
    There is no road tax (officially known as vehicle excise duty) for electric vehicles in the UK.
  • How long do the batteries last?
    Our electric classic cars use Tesla batteries which will provide many years of motoring. Tesla, like most other battery manufactures state a lifespan of 8 years. For an average person that is around 100,000 miles of motoring.
  • Will I be able to keep up with other traffic?
    Absolutely, electric motors provide excellent torque and the right motor system can easily deliver motorway speeds with plenty of power in reserve.
  • What is the range of a classic electric car?
    Just like petrol or diesel cars, how you drive will affect range as well as the size of the battery pack. The physical size of a car, motor requirements and budget will determine range. Smaller cars can normally achieve around 150 miles and larger vehicles over 200 miles.
  • Does my car have to be converted to electric to use your restoration services?
    Absolutely not. We love bringing cars back to their former glory. Whether you are looking to convert to electric power now, or not for many years we will still lovingly restore your car.
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