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Electric VW Beetle Conversion

The classic VW Beetle has been re-imagined with the help of modern technology. Our electric beetle conversion combines the iconic design that has been loved for generations with the electric power of future.

We can convert your existing Beetle or provide a ready to go electric car customised for you.


Effortless Electric Power

A beautifully integrated electric motor in your classic VW beetle not only looks the part and but provides plenty of zip both around town and on the open road.

Hyper 9 electric motor rated at 120 hp and 173 ft/lb.

Simple EV charging

A 3.3 kW onboard charger and Type 2 charge port makes it simple to charge an Electric Beetle.


Options for either a 3.3 kW charger or a faster 6.6 kW on board charging system.


Bespoke Design

Choose a classic VW paint colour or select a completely custom shade.


Interiors can be further personalised with premium leather or various period correct materials.



  • 120 hp rated AC motor

  • 26 kWh battery pack (120 miles)

  • Latest generation Battery Management System

  • 3.3 kW on board charger

  • Type 2 charge port


If you have a donor car, an electric beetle conversion is available from £30,000.00

Or we can provide a ready-to-go Electric Beetle from £58,000.00


Electric Beetle 

Prices from £28,000

120 bhp

178 lb/ft

Range 120 miles

3.3 kW charger

26.5 kWh battery capacity


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