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Electric VW Camper Conversion

From flower power, surf culture or just a need to explore - the original VW camper is simply the best.


We can restore, customise and electrify your classic camper, so you can have many more (environmentally friendly) adventures to come!

We can convert both split Screen or Bay Window campers.


Effortless Electric Power

A beautifully integrated electric motor in the back of this 1967 VW camper. 

This motor unit makes for effortless progress,  this Hyper 9 electric motor rated at 130 hp and 173 ft/lb.

This build has 45 kWh of battery capacity, providing a range of around 150 miles.

Simple EV charging

A 6.6 kW onboard charger and Type 2 charge port provides the charging capabilities for this vehicle.

Fast charging is an option to, if you are planning on travelling further afield.




•    90 kW motor options
•    45 kWh battery pack 
•    Battery Management System
•    6.6 kW on board charger 
•    Type 2 charge port behind fuel cap

Electric Camper

130 bhp

178 lb/ft

Range 150+ miles

6.6 kW charger

45 kWh battery capacity


Retroelectric Limited

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