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Classic Car Restoration

Turn back the years for your classic car with our expert restoration services.


Our dedicated team of skilled automotive technicians specialise in breathing new life into classic cars, turning back the clock and bringing them back to their former glory. 


What we offer

Whether you are intending to convert to electric soon or not, we are committed to preserving the original look and character of each vehicle. We provide a comprehensive range of restoration services for your classic car project. 


We understand that every car has a unique story to tell. Our restoration process begins with a thorough assessment of your vehicle's condition, allowing us to develop a tailored restoration plan that aligns with your vision. Whether you are looking for a body off concourse finish, more usability or to increase your cars market value, we can help. 

Using only the highest quality parts and materials, combined with our extensive knowledge and expertise, we ensure that each restoration project exceeds expectations. Contact us today to discuss our complete refurbishment service. 

Mechanical and electrical

Our commitment to classic car restoration extends to expert mechanical repairs and upgrades. We understand that a classic car is more than just a vehicle. It iss a piece of automotive history and a source of pride for its owner. We approach every mechanical repair or upgrade with the greatest attention to detail. Our team of experienced technicians possesses a deep knowledge of vintage engines, transmissions, and components. They will methodically disassemble, inspect, and restore each part, ensuring that every element operates at peak performance, just as it did when it first rolled off the assembly line. 


Our upgrades are thoughtfully curated to enhance reliability, safety, and usability, all while preserving the original charm of the vehicle. Whether it's a subtle enhancement to the braking system, electric power steering, a new wiring loom, or a comprehensive engine rebuild, we prioritise the seamless integration of these improvements to ensure that your classic car remains a joy to drive while maintaining its true vintage spirit. With our restorations, you can trust that your classic car will not only look pristine but also perform flawlessly, allowing you to relish the nostalgic thrill of driving a piece of automotive history. 

1966 Mercedes 230 SL - Restoration Project

“I wanted a completed nuts and bolts restoration of the old Mercedes, so that she really shone. The paint, suspension, brakes are all new, but we wanted to keep as many original elements as pssible - such as the Becker radio which was refurbished."


Bodywork and repair

At Retroelectric, our expertise in classic car restoration extends to the art of paint, bodywork and repair. We recognise that the body of a classic car is its canvas, and our team are dedicated to preserving and restoring its timeless beauty. From addressing minor dents to full-scale frame-off restorations, we approach each project with complete attention to detail and a commitment to bringing out the best of your classic vehicle. 

Our team's deep knowledge of classic car bodywork, combined with modern techniques and materials, ensures that we can restore even the most time worn exteriors. We take pride in our ability to repair, replace, or restore panels, paint, and finishes to seamlessly match the original specifications. Whether your classic car needs rust repair, dent removal, or a full-body makeover, Retroelectric is your trusted classic car restorer, bringing your cherished vehicle back to its former glory.  

1973 Porsche 911 - Restoration Project  

"This Porsche hasn't been used for a good few years and it needed suspension, brakes and other mechanical elements fixing. Then there was the paint and exterior - it looked good from afar but all the paint was flaking badly" 

PHOTO-2023-05-02-14-38-57 1.jpg

Interiors and re-trimming

Whether your classic car's interior requires a full restoration or a subtle touch-up, we take pride in our attention to detail. From vintage leather upholstery that exudes luxury to authentic period-correct fabrics, we source and use only the finest materials. Every inch of your car's interior is carefully considered, from the headliner to the floor mats, to ensure that it enhances your enjoyment of the classic car experience. 

By investing in classic car interior restoration, your car's interior will not only look and feel authentic but will also provide a comfortable and enjoyable environment, making each drive a nostalgic journey back in time. 


Retroelectric Limited

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  • How does insurance work on electric cars?
    This isn’t a problem; most of the classic car insurance brokers will be able to offer this. We can provide recommendations too; give us a call to find out more.
  • Do I have to pay congestion charges for an electric car?
    No, electric cars are exempt from paying congestion charges, making them ideally suited to city driving.
  • Do you need to service an electric classic car?
    A converted electric vehicle has much less to go wrong than a conventional internal combustion engine. Much less again than a classic car of the same age. This means that apart from an initial check to make sure the EV system is configured correctly after purchase, an annual check-up is all that is required. We also recommend that you get your car MOT’d every year to ensure the conventional vehicle parts are working correctly.
  • Do electric cars pay road tax?
    There is no road tax (officially known as vehicle excise duty) for electric vehicles in the UK.
  • How long do the batteries last in an electric car?
    Our electric classic cars use Tesla batteries which will provide many years of motoring. Tesla, like most other battery manufacturers states a lifespan of 8 years. For an average person that is around 100,000 miles of motoring.
  • Will I be able to keep up with other traffic in my electric car?
    Absolutely, electric motors provide excellent torque and the right motor system can easily deliver motorway speeds with plenty of power in reserve.
  • What is the range of a classic electric car?
    Just like petrol or diesel cars, how you drive will affect range as well as the size of the battery pack. The physical size of a car, motor requirements and budget will determine range. Smaller cars can normally achieve around 150 miles and larger vehicles over 200 miles.
  • Does my car have to be converted to electric to use your restoration services?
    Absolutely not. We love bringing cars back to their former glory. Whether you are looking to convert to electric power now, or not for many years we will still lovingly restore your car.

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