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Porsche 356 Electric Conversion

First produced in 1948, the legendary Porsche 356 captured the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide and established Porsche as a force to be reckoned with. 


The speedsters unique lines, distinctive round headlights, and sloping rear end epitomise elegance and grace, making it instantly recognizable.

For this conversion we wanted to keep the look and sporting feel of the original, while giving it a an electric powertrain worthy of such a legendary car. 


Battery range

Even though the 356 is a lightweight sporting car, we were able to fit a 26.5 kWh battery pack, giving this iconic Porsche a driving range of well over 140 miles from a full charge.

Discreet charge port

No fuel filler cap - no problem! We would always use the fuel filler cap location for a charging port but this early Porsche doesnt have one.

The solution was to install the port behind the number plate, so you can flip it down when its time to fill up.



•    88 kW motor options
•    26.5 kWh battery pack 
•    Battery Management System
•    3.3 kW on board charger 
•    Type 2 charge port behind number plate

Electric Porsche 356

120 bhp

Range 140 miles

3.3 kW charger

26.5 kWh battery capacity

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