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Classic Fiat 500 Electric Conversion

An electric classic Fiat 500 epitomises Italian life - Sun, Brio and the Dolche Vita. Nothing says good times like an electric Fiat 500.

We have created a unique electric conversion service for the classic Fiat 500.


Now with options for both a small or larger battery pack - you can enjoy driving this car for longer too.


Battery range

Battery pack provides 80 mile range (16 kWh)

We split the batteries between the front and back to keep the car weight balanced.

Discreet charge port

For all our classic car electric conversions, we ensure the original vehicles aesthetic and design is maintained.

Our electric Fiat 500 build has a hidden charge port behind the rear number-plate. Only visible when you are charging.


Ready to drive?

Minimal EV gauges let you know how much range you have left and the electric motor lets the Fiat 500 finally keep up with modern traffic.


In fact, it couldn't be simpler to drive - or more fun!

Electric Fiat 500

30 bhp

Range 100 miles

3.3 kW charger

16 kWh battery capacity

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