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What is the range of the Retroelectric Beetle?

Just like petrol or diesel cars, how you drive will affect range. In everyday conditions you can expect to get over 100 miles range with our electric classic Beetle.


How long do the batteries last?

Our electric classic cars use Tesla batteries which will provide many years of motoring. Tesla, like most other battery manufactures state a lifespan of 8 years. For an average person that is around 100,000 miles of motoring.


Do you need to service a Retroelectric car?

A converted electric vehicle has much less to go wrong that a conventional internal combustion engine. Much less again than a classic car of the same age. This means apart from an initial check to make sure the EV system is configured correctly after purchase, an annual check-up is all that is required. We also recommend that you get your car MOT’d every year to ensure the conventional vehicle parts are working correctly.


So how much energy will the car use?

A Retroelectric Beetle uses the latest generation electric motor and electronic systems, so uses very little energy. This is the equivalent of around 4p - 8p a mile.


Will I be able to keep up with other traffic?

Absolutely, our electric classic Beetle can easily do motorway speeds with plenty of extra power in reserve.

What about insurance?

This isn’t a problem; most of the classic car insurance brokers will be able to offer this. We can provide recommendations too; give us a call to find out more.


Do I have to pay congestion charges?

No, electric cars are exempt from paying congestion charges, making them ideally suited to city driving.


Do electric cars pay road tax?

There is no road tax (officially known as vehicle excise duty) for electric vehicles in the UK.

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