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One of the last the VW Beetles manufactured, this is a 2002 registration car. Presented here is a great looking, Mexican model converted to electric power. This vehicle is in distinctive blue shade, and has a nicely upholstered interior and a sun roof (perfect for summer).


It has 32 kWh battery capacity, is fully Type 2 charge compliant, and recently serviced. This car has a 7 kW on board charger, and will be sold with an MOT.


Price of this car is £50,000. For more information, please message us directly or send an email to

2002 VW Beetle

VAT Included |
    • Based on an early 1300 Beetle
    • 32 kWh battery pack (150-mile range) 
    • 90KW AC electric motor
    • Onboard 7KW Charger 
    • Uprated brakes and suspension 
    • DAB and Bluetooth stereo
    • Electric Heater
    • USB charging for mobile and accessories
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