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Ready for the sun! We present for sale a unique electric Convertible Classic VW Beetle. This restored classic car is in fantastic condition and has been converted to electric by Retroelectric Cars. The car is based on a 1303 Cabriolet with a classy navy leather interior which tones very nicely with the Gemini Blue metallic exterior.  


As well as an electric drive, it has uprated EMPI disc brakes, new suspension throughout and new bushing and bearings. It is fitted with a 7-kW charger and a 32-kWh battery pack. That will provide approx. 150 miles of mixed-use driving. Ready for a late summer road trip or for cruising around town in style!


Price of this car is £65,000. For more information, please message us directly or send an email to

1975 1303 VW Beetle Cabriolet

    • 1302 Cabriolet Beetle
    • 32 kWh battery pack (150 mile range) 
    • 90KW AC electric motor
    • Onboard 7KW Charger 
    • Uprated brakes and suspension 
    • DAB and Bluetooth stereo
    • Electric Heater
    • USB charging for mobile and accessories
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