Porsche 356 EV barn


We specialise in electric conversions of classic cars. No matter what classic vehicle you have, we will happily provide a free quotation. Get in contact to discuss how we can bring your electric classic car vision to life. 

Why convert a classic car to an electric vehicle? 

  • Reliability – Regular breakdowns, oil leaks and missed appointments sound familiar? Switching to electric means you have a modern, reliable powerplant propelling your electric vehicle. 

  • A green future – Converting your car to electric is one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly way to be on the road. Not only are you reducing carbon emissions at the tailpipe, you are giving an old car a second life. The UK government has committed to reducing carbon emissions. This means higher costs for running combustion engines are almost certain. Not to mention exclusion zones on when and where you can drive.

  • Low maintenance – Electric classic cars have fewer moving parts and require minimal maintenance. A regular MOT and a yearly check-up should be all you need. That means more time driving your car and more free time in general. 

  • On the road performance – An EV conversion can provide more power and acceleration compared to the donor car. How much performance comes down to what you are after? The scale ranges from fun and peppy to really rather quick indeed.

What happens during a conversion?

  • Consultation – We work with you to understand what you are looking for in an electric vehicle. Providing options and talking you through what an electric vehicle conversion entails, in Plain English.


  • Design and customisation – Once we know what you are looking for we will provide you with a proposal. This includes the design we will use plus any customisation to your vehicle. This could be the perfect time to change the paint colour or refurbish the interior for example. 

  • Sourcing a donor car – Our team of experts are extremely knowledgeable about classic vehicles. If you don’t yet have a car, we can work with you to source the perfect donor vehicle. 

  • The conversion process - The real work begins. During the electric conversion we keep you informed every step of the way, with photos and a progress report each week.  

  • Onward support – Once the work is completed, we will talk you through using your car, driving and charging the batteries. Every conversion gets an electric check-up free of charge in the first six months. We can also offer an annual check-up every year. 


Electric Power.

We have a variety of different motor options to meet the needs of your electric classic car.


Bespoke Design.

We will work closely with you to design your dream electric car.


Custom Engineering.

Engineered in the UK, we love to include unique features and design touches to make your car a true one-off.

Ready to learn more?

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